November 20, 2006

Citrus Epiphanies of Pompous Proportions

Today I remembered that I had orange juice in the fridge, but when I went to pour it into a glass I realized there was hardly any left. Gazing into the glass as I swished around the murky puddle of pulp and citrus I thought maybe I should instead enjoy a glass of milk. But what would I do with the remains of my OJ?

At last I was enlightened. I grabbed the carton of milk from the fridge and slowly poured it into the glass that had the juice in it. The creamy yellow swirls delighted me, and as I took a swig I was reborn.

This is not my first experimentation with common household drinks. A friend of mine once suggested adding a bit of vanilla to orange juice, something I wish I had for my current concoction. The results are amazing, making it taste like an orange creamsicle.

Finally, once you have your drink ready, an accompanying cigarette will maximize its enjoyability.

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Fun 100 said...

once i had milk and iced tea and it was alright... what was really good was potato chips in cereal.