November 20, 2006

My review of Borat complete with the ruining

This weekend I visited friends in Vancouver, but they were unavailable for part of the day on Sunday, so I had to get my entertainment elsewhere. I decided that I should go to a movie by myself, because I'm just the type of loser that would do something like that.

Though it was extremely funny, I have to say I was somewhat disappointed by Borat. Perhaps because his chasing of the Canadian Princess seemed far too anti-climactic in comparison to the early transvestite revelation. When it was revealed that his hairy compatriot was nothing more than a bearded lady with a saggy vagina I was horrified and violeted, sort of like I felt when I watched the final scene of Sleep Away Camp.

After the movie I had the strongest desire to speak like Borat, but since I was alone I did not. As I stood on the skytrain platform alone I was glad I had seen the movie by myself because I'd hate to have sounded like the idiots and their friends that stood around me doing their poor impressions. What I'm saying is: go see Borat, but go alone, or if you absolutely must bring a friend, but make them buy their own ticket.

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Stu Hood said...

I had his voice in my head after seeing it to, and all of my thoughts were in his accent.