November 15, 2006

Official Zanta Post

If you live in Toronto, or have been here, you may have seen this notorious character around town. I used to always see him doing muscular poses and push ups outside of Much Music. He's pretty hilarious and all over the place, and that scares most people, and makes people who have a sense of humour laugh.

Recently I found out he has quite an online presence, including his own website, a MySpace page, LiveJournal community, Facebook Group

Here's a video of the typical Zanta shenanigans:

I also found this video interview of him, talking about what he does and how he's banned from almost all of downtown Toronto.

And here's some kind of mini-doc someone from Humber did:


jaosn said...

i remember seeing this guy a lot on the subways when i went to and from work while living there. always made my day. he would also dry hump the subway doors and make moaning noises.

Jonny Chance said...

he was on Kenny vs Spenny yesterday.