November 15, 2006

myspace band of the day #4

first off i would just like to say

I have been going through some changes musically as of late. For awhile i really liked pummeling death metal and other various types of metal just as a fuck me and fuck you to everyone who was in some sort of scene. I did it so I could say " I really hate your band " plus I was really tired of dance punk an whatever else is/was popular. People were asking me what I was doing musically post YSP! WSD! and all I would really say was listening to metal and growing out my hair and pretty much distancing myself from everyone and every genre of music except metal. Metal Metal Metal Frodus Metal. So from January to about June I became pretty uninspired to write or play in any sort band or play any sort of music. I would just listen to metal. I personally HATED metal and that the only reason I was doing it was because it was out of the ordinary for me I guess.

Come June I met a wonderful lady who I adored and she hated metal.
This is where change happened. I had to change, cause if I didn't, well then I would never have won her over. She really liked Garage Rock/Punk. But most of all, she really liked The White Stripes. Now, for me personally, I never really payed attention to them cause I'll be honest, I got pretty sick and tired of hearing "Hardest Button to Button" and "Fell in love with a girl" over and over on the radio. But, despite all of this I gave in to The White Stripes when she bought me their first album. I remember popping it into my CD player in my car one night after I dropped her off at home. I was driving down the road with both windows rolled down and the first song came on. I was floored! Why is this so good? It's so raw and loud and sloppy! Perfect! This album allowed me to drop everything I had ever heard musically and just focus on this one type of genre. I fell in love with Garage Rock. Not because of the girl, but because to me it was new and fresh and I knew that as a whole there would be more and more bands for me to discover. It was inspiring! And I was really excited cause I also knew that I would never ever have to hear about some shit metal band, never have to hear about some new dance punk band, never have to hear about whatever is popular in the "scene" ever again.
Garage Rock is the scene and its a shame some people have never experienced it.

sorry for the long intro.

Garage Rock 101

If your tired of the same ol' bullshit music and it gets you down and out and makes you have no faith in music whatsoever, then come come children! There is HOPE!

These guys come from Montreal, but broke up awhile ago. Mark Sultan went on to form his one man band BBQ. Les Sexareenos were Canada's Number One Party Band.

The Monks
The Monks were badass. Thats all I really have to say.

The Coachwhips
Members of Pink and Brown. These guys are trashy, boom pow noisy and a full on aural assault.

The Husbands
All Girl Band. They do it better than most bands out there today. Speaking of which, this brings me to

The Detroit Cobras are essentially a cover band. But! They make the song their own. Part of the whole "Detroit Sound" which by the way, is basically owned by

I know, I know. But give it a listen. It's really good.

This is one of my favorites. Ballsy, don't give a fuck attitude. Stu tells me that he saw them once and the singer whipped out his dick, piss into a pint glass and drank his own piss. Amazing!

Again, this isn't the greatest list in the world, but I mean, its fucking myspace fer chrissakes!
You can't find some of the bands your looking for. Feel free to add more bands! In fact Please do!

Till tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Fuck scenes. Fuck genres. Just listen, and listen well. All other persons who need to feel gratified by "fitting in"-shut up.seriously.
So Jaosn, enjoy the White Stripes, or The Who, or Sekiden or The Muffs or Articles of Faith or Dicks or Los Natas or whoever..what matters is that you actually fucking enjoy what youre listening to, and not being a piece of one shitpile puzzle.

kudos my friend.

jaosn said...

i love you

Jonny Chance said...

The Monks are one of the best bands ever!

Anonymous said...

I love you too. This is Jason by the way.

Fun 100 said...

there are some great clips of the monks on german tv on youtube.
the bloggers are the best garage band ever. their single will be on the "Pebbly Nuggets to the the Grave" boxset that comes out in the year 2034 (RHINO) and every one of you will wish you had a copy of it so you could sell it and buy your children a year at an ivy league school.

jaosn said...

see i wouldve put the bloggers in
but you already wrote a huge article about them.

oh well.the bloggers are the best garage band out there.