March 21, 2007

MP3: Fun 100 - Goodbye

Yo here's Fun 100's last EP available for download. Thanks Bruce!

Fun 100 - Goodbye - 01 - Shitty Band
Fun 100 - Goodbye - 02 - Slide Into Jerry
Fun 100 - Goodbye - 03 - Foam Improvement
Fun 100 - Goodbye - 04 - Ghetto Mall
Fun 100 - Goodbye - 05 - Prom



Josiah said...

if there was an album with internet girlfriend, green card, and don't care on it, that would be the best album ever. but for now, this will do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josiah,

I helped form the band with the guys in 2002. I wrote "Internet Girlfriend and I wrote the music to green card. "Don't Care" I don't think Fun100 recorded that one. I wrote that one with my first band The Teknopeasants.

Let me know if you want me to email you the first two songs. The only copy of "Don't Care" that I have was record on a tape player so you don't want that.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce and Ryan,

Final got to hear your last Fun 100 stuff. Sounds great.
Let me know if you are playing in your old stomping grounds. I like to hear your new bands.


milo said...
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milo said...

Hey guys, is there anyway you can re-upload these files? I really love this EP but it's nowhere to be found.

Here's my e-mail in any case: