April 09, 2007

MP3: Hella - Live

Hella played in Toronto the other night and I got the chance to go down to the Horseshoe to see their set. I didn't realize they added more members until I saw a bunch of people on stage before they started, but they still put on a great show.

I wasn't too enthused about the vocals; they guy kept asking for more reverb and my ears kept asking him to stop. Their set lasted over an hour, a copy of which is supplied below in wma format.

The opening band's set seemed just as long. They were some local noise jam band with guitar, bass, two drummers, a horn section and a flutist. Their set was one long improvisation with very subtle changes that really made me wish they had utilized the "quit early and leave them wanting more" concept instead of their "play forever until the crowd forgets what show they came to" technique.

The recording below is in wma format which is the format my recorder saves recordings as. I usually convert it to mp3 but that also triples the file size. If you need to convert it to a playable format, check out http://www.zamzar.com/.

Download: Hella-20070404.WMA (30 MB)

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what is everyone yelling?