March 26, 2007

MP3: the pAper chAse - LIVE

The pAper chAse played here in Toronto the other night and I was lucky enough to get into the show that was sold out about a month back. Big thanks to Eluvium and the chAse for both putting me on their guest list.

The show was a little odd as most people were there to see Explosions in the Sky. Eluvium got things under way pretty well playing a one-man epic post-rock show. His set was accompanied by a projector showing weird patterns of birds flying around as he looped chords that built towards a thunderous climax each song. Surprisingly, his set lasted over 40 minutes, so by the end I was getting anxious to see the pAper chAse.

Most of the crowd appreciated Eluvium's set, but the pAper chAse were not as well received for some reason. They played a lot of new stuff, I think the oldest songs were from the Hide the Kitchen Knives album. They had a great sound, though, showcasing their unique bass, guitar, drum, piano and sampling combination. Near the end of the set there were a few hecklers who has lost their patience in waiting for Explosions in the Sky to play.

Download: Here's a recording of the pAper chAse's set: paperchase-20070324.mp3 (50 MB)

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