May 19, 2007

Daft Punk's Electroma

I've been anticipating seeing this movie ever since Jaosn told me about it.

If you've seen the preview then you'll pretty much know what to expect from the film, but what I didn't expect is how slow the scenes are. There are a lot of long, multi-angel shots during typically mundane events like driving down the highway or walking through the desert, so if you are hoping to see a lot of insane robot action you might be disappointed. I did enjoy the film, however, as a mysterious and deeply artistic piece of work from the French duo. Also, the end scene is amazing.

As you may have already heard, none of Daft Punk's music is in the film. The film's score is still a huge focal point of the movie, however, including tracks from artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Brian Eno, Todd Rundgren and even Chopin.

Electroma was screened at Cannes and other film festivals, but there's word it won't be released on DVD. As of recently it's been available on torrent websites, so that may be your best bet at watching the film.

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