March 29, 2003

Those Black Fuckers

by Jason

  For some reason I am fascinated with puss. Especially blackhead puss. Sometimes I dream of having a large blackhead
on my forehead, big enough that when I squeeze it and the puss comes out, I can see my skull in the hole that it's left.

  There was a kid at my school who had three blackheads on his nose which formed a perfect triangle on the left side of his nose. They
were blacker than the stale black licorice your grandma gave you as a treat at a Sunday family get-together after church. He was
in my math class and every day I saw those black fuckers and fantasized of squeezing them till I was satisfied. I imagined the
puss of one blackhead spiralling out in one thick yellowish hard line. I then envisioned a huge crater in his nose
creating a third nostril.

  The Other day I was fortunate enough to see a beautiful blackhead being popped on the hit tv show, Jackass. This man volunteered
to squeeze a blackhead in the crevise of his nose. Once he applied pressure to this beautiful blackhead pore, a constant stream of
yellow hard puss came out in some manner of those old-fashioned claymation. A stop-go movement. Finally, the end of the blackhead came.
Three inches of beautiful puss hung from his nose like Jonny Valid's penis. It was such an amazing sight.

  I saw Darren the other day, the man with the tri-blackhead, but they were gone. I never asked what happened to them. Maybe he squeezed
them. Maybe they went away- who knows? All I know is I want to be able to witness a great huge blackhead being squeezed (Preferably Jonny
Valid's head).

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