March 29, 2003

Work For a Living... and Wandering Thoughts

by Stu Hood

If basic survival is the main purpose of today's concept of living, then count me out. This working for a living hasn't really suited
me either. Yeah, I lose interest and get tired of the routine, then get bored of living. And today living doesn't come for free. You have
to sell your hands to economy to help the progression of our embarrassments, or live trying to. And I also don't really follow
the rules much; they aren't very natural to me I guess, almost as if the possibility of them being broken is its own right. Rules
on the job, and rules in the home. Rules of living, of social conduct and personal limitations. Turn man into a machine like so and
higher powers have the advantaged flexibility of controlling such drones.

    All this rebel talk seems tired, but this is just a
coming realization that isn't just for the rock stars who have all day to sit around and 'fuck the man'. What would I do though?
Many people have jobs so they can avoid sitting around all day being unproductive and bored with themselves. Personal time only
becomes rehabilitation for constant stress and exhaustion. I'm sure if an enjoyable full-time career were in order things would
seem brighter, but that can be particular and still would satisfy my own spontaneously wandering habits.

    We've all been taught
I'm sure that we are to chase after our dreams- an endless running that's had most of us brushing that possibility aside after
a few moments of speculation and consideration. Well, I'd consider not letting any of my aspirations go to waste by spending too
much time calculating their odds, and just live them from day one.

    Why am I going off about dreams now... Taking everything at
face value and realistically doesn't mean trading your hopes for a steady income (unless that IS your prized goal in life), but
mostly the opposite. That is, if you think of life as what it is at face value, which is to us the living, incomplete. As long as
we're living, there will not be a perfect lifestyle for anyone to bask in. Death is what is being approached and all we think
about is how to live. Well, dammnit, we're all already living and I think it's time we learn how to be dead, that is, before we

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