March 24, 2007

Into the Outside (part one)

i can't think of a place on earth more singularly fascinating and frightening than the deep sea.
especially its living.
there are not many animals on earth that have lived such fractured lives from human influence as they have. animals that have lived under the ocean for many more years then the feet it takes to reach them.
natures patterns
their beetles giant isopods and their spiny spiders anglerfish.
a battlefield comes to mind. tan rubble painted grey with ash. smoke rising with a similar dance as seaweed in a current. a wasteland with ancient living weapons as citizens. spiked maces bloodied, drifting along the blackened floor of the sea. aristotles lantern with no light.
the deep sea is a realization of the fears i had of the dark as a child. where small creatures under my bed would want to swarm my body and feed off of my flesh. things hidden in corners with warm inviting lights always laboring over thoughts of catching me unprepared.
-feet securely under the covers and
-being centered in the bed. in the case of a two handed grab neither arm should have a better chance to pull you under.
theres always lots of rules. to keep us safe from our imaginations.

seany was watching tv when i got home. a cartoon. it was coming on fast, i didn't have time to take off my shoes...

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